Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Printable Games A to Z Review

The next time you are planning or helping coordinate an event or party, consider Printable Games A to Z as a resource for entertainment and fun.  We were able to preview and sample a few of these printable games, and the ease of accessing and printing was unbelievable!  Forget surfing the internet for ideas, or spending hours designing your own game(s), just browse for affordable games that are sure to fit your event theme.  If you're throwing a party at the last minute, it's a great site to help you find inspiration and party materials quickly.  With over 75 games to mix and match, with categories ranging from special holidays, birthday and showers, you won't be disappointed!

Here is a fun game we had the chance to preview, "Things in Mommy's Purse".  This fun checklist game invites guests to see who brought the biggest purse, and who has the most unusual items in their purse, the winner is determined by a fun point system (checklist).  This is a perfect icebreaker, completely unique, and a funny game to get people in the spirit of having fun!  Please note, if you're not hosting a party or event in the near future, we'll always have a link on our sidebar (to help you with your next party)!  Thanks for the inside scoop on your products!

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