Friday, January 1, 2010

Legal Tidbits

This blog is a partnership blog written by the owners of the business Seattle Moms Deal Finder. We are sisters who love to shop, and through this venue we are sharing own time, experiences, personal opinions and recommendations. We make all attempts to verify that our information is accurate, and in cases where we are unsure, we specify as such. We are not responsible for typo mistakes, sales that are no longer valid, or other time sensitive offerings. We are not responsible for products featured on our blog that have since been recalled. If in any way, you feel a product is misrepresented or that we have violated another companies terms, please contact us immediately. We will cooperate in every reasonable and proper way with everyone we promote and advertise for. For general questions about the blog, issues, concerns or inquiries you may e-mail us at

This blog began as a hobby in 2009, and we applied for a business license in 2010. We are a general partnership that gains a small revenue through paid advertising/sponsorship, paid insertions, affiliate links, referral links, and other forms of compensation (such as product merchandise and samples). We are aware there will be instances when our compensation may influence our blog posts, and we strive to maintain an objective consumer point-of-view and share our opinions (either good or bad) honestly. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely our own. In many instances, product and picture use are verified with the manufacturer or company.  We often use pictures of our children.  Please do not steal our photos.  If in any way, you feel a product is misrepresented or that we have violated your terms, please contact us immediately.

The privacy of our readers is important to us.
We never sell your personal information.
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Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics to track our daily and annual readership, general location of readers and the time spent on our site.  We are able to see what sites readers were referred from, and which articles generate most interest.  This is used purely for the sake of tracking our growth and identifying reader interest and the demographics of our readers so posts are meaningful and relevant.

We use third party advertisements on to support our time and site. Some of these advertisers may use technology such as cookies and web beacons when they advertise on our site.  These programs specifically target the number of clicks per ad, leads or cash generated based on those clicks.  You may be able to disable cookies on your computer.

Thank You
As a note of thanks, to our many fans for shopping through our blog links. As stated above, some of our embedded links and ads give us referral credits and vouchers to spend at our own discretion. It is one of the few ways we are compensated for our time spent finding deals, sharing our discoveries, and creating each post.  

Giveaway winners have the right to e-mail us at to claim their prize within 30 days of the blog posting.  Most prizes are sent directly to the winner from the sponsoring blog company.  If we have possession of the giveaway prize, we reserve the right to retain any unclaimed prizes after 30 days from the date the winner's name was announced.  If you enter one of our giveaways, we encourage you to note the date the winner will be announced and check our site for the giveaway winner posting.

Thank YOU for making it worth our while, we hope you enjoy our site!